• Image of Sonnyjim - Classic Collection Vol. 1 (VINYL)

To celebrate Record Store day 2015 we've launched a new SONNYJIM release in the form of the "Classic Collection Vol 1". Over the years we've had many SJ fans ask if particular releases are ever going to get the vinyl treatment and after a string of heavy digital only releases we reckon the time is right to put the best of the best together in one place for a vinyl only exclusive release!

Only a limited number of these have been pressed so its first come first serve! In the collection are various classics from Sonnyjim (The God Complex from Trading Standards, Holdin' It Down and Flying To The Moon from The Psychonaut LP, Purple Patch pt 5, an exclusive track from the elusive J-Zone (Old Maid, Egotrip) and plenty more!)

A1 - Cant Stand It (prod J-Zone, cuts by DJ Jazz T)
A2 - Fishscale ft Kosyne (prod Apatight)
A3 - The Greatest Sin ft AG (prod Chemo)
A4 - The God Complex ft Jehst & Cappo (prod Beat Butcha)
B1 - Purple Patch Pt 5 (prod Kosyne)
B2 - Flying To The Moon (prod Kelakovski)
B3 - Holdin' It Down (prod M-Phazes)
B4 - Lemon Squeezy (prod Mr Boss)

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